The yellow alert foundation flag- off event was held on the 16th of March 2022 from 12noon- 3pm at Ebiis Hotel Etegwe, Bayelsa State.
The purpose of the event was to support and train Community Health Workers, Traditional Birth Attendants and nurses on how to detect jaundice using the Bili jaundice ruler and also treat jaundice using the Crib A’glow phototherapy unit as well as identify ambassadors who will retrain the community alongside YAF.

Present at the event were director of nursing services Bayelsa State and her nurses, traditional birth attendants, community health workers, Doctors, P.A to the commissioner for health Bayelsa State and other dignitaries in the state.

Representatives from our support organization, Johnson and Johnson Foundation – Bar. Ikechukwu Ofuani and Nkechi Ukaiwe were present to grace the flag-off as well as drive the vision home.

As communities begin to receive birth kits, Bili Jaundice Rulers and Crib A’glow Unit including in-depth trainings to support health workers and sensitization in local dialects, our target is to reduce maternal and infant death in thriving communities in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Additionally, the YAF has now collaborated with the School of Nursing in Bayelsa State to continue providing knowledge and trainings to continue supporting midwives, nurses and students.

Yellow Alert Team, Ikechukwu & Nkechi (Johnson and Johnson Foundation), SA to the Commissioner for Health Bayelsa State with Traditional Birth Attendants.